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Nurturing Human Progress- SRI.

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My latest analytical paper on the SRI is now available in the Space Renaissance philosophy library: -

The paper has also been featured on the International Space Fellowship site and can be accessed from the science section of, see: -

'Nurturing Human Progress- Space Renaissance Congress 2011': -

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.


Singularity University.

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Singularity University.

Resume:  Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.


When researching for my postgraduate project, I discovered Singularity University and was rather inspired by their ethos and goals. Singularity are working with International Space Uni. Here is a little info from their website: -


Mission statement: - "Singularity University is an interdisciplinary university whose mission is to assemble, educate and inspire leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies in order to address humanity’s grand challenges. With the support of a broad range of leaders in academia, business and government, Singularity University hopes to stimulate groundbreaking, disruptive thinking and solutions aimed at solving some of the planet’s most pressing challenges. Singularity University is based at the NASA Ames campus in Silicon Valley."


The Uni was dounded by Peter Diamandis and Raymond Kurzweil. You may be familiar with Raymond Kurweil's text, 'The Singularity Is Near'. The text provided substance for the Uni concept and is essentially a trans-humanist themed book, evoking an insightful and more positive outlook to that offered by authors such as Huxley and Orwell in regard to technological advancements in genetics and nanotechnology. Singularity Uni are therefore orientated upon resolving some of humanity's contemporary challenges and are aiming towards positive outreach and communication, new collaborations and the attainment of new solutions to inspire and educate.  The organisation's goals in fact parallel some of my own within my current Socioastronomy related research titled, 'The Astrosociological Imagination'.


Homepage: -


Paradigm Research Group.

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I have updated my original feature from 2008, 'Exopolitics and Abstract Truths' with content from my Socioastronomy post grad research.  I have explored the concepts of physicist Prof Gerard O'Neill and conveyed some key contemporary environmental themes in connection to my literature resume on the Space Renaissance Initiative. 

This work is now on American Chronicle and will hopefully be added shortly to the Paradigm Research Group, archives. 

I would definitely recommend visiting the Paradigm homepage, as they are a great resource site for exopolitical issues,  organised by Stephen Bassett.

American Chronicle- 'Exopolitics & Abstract Truths', June 2011, Stephanie Lynne Thorburn: -

Paradigm Research group: -






Space Fellowship Feature- SRI International Congress.

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My feature on the Space Renaissance first International Congress is now posted to the news section of International Space Fellowship.  The news feature is amended from my recent literature review on LA Chron and contains some up-to-date info on the SRI Congress, to be held on 25th-26th June and 2nd- 3rd July on Skype: -

My postgrad published works portfolio on the Space Renaissance has now been featured on: 

American Chronicle/ Los Angeles Chron. (full paper)

Space Renaissance Philosophy Chapter. (full paper)

International Space Fellowship News


Learning- Matters News.


Info on International Space Fellowship: -

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. 


I have just joined the community at International Space Fellowship, an international news and information network dedicated to space advocacy. There is a diverse selection of topical news and discussion forums on the site, including a section for a University of Cambridge spaceflight project initiative. I would definitely recommend this interest group.



A Treatise On Human Progress.

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A Treatise on Human Progress.

I am currently working on a paper comprising a treatise on human progress in light of many topical postmodern debates. The working title of this discourse will be:


‘Transformative Studies and Human Progress- The Political Philosophies of the Space Renaissance’


By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.


Below is an excerpt from the corpus of the text, evoking some of the key themes of the paper in context of recent social/ political issues and the contemporary environmental crisis. This section of text is positioned after a synoptic overview comprising some contextual issues and economic reflections on the state of the space economy. The function of this draft is to share insight into the process and construction of my postgraduate transformative studies research project; the text is an integral component of my analytical section: -


Edu. Blogs.

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I have set-up a new edu blog titled 'Progressive Etudes' for my Socio-Astronomy and related research.  The URL of my new edu blog is: -


 I will be adding entries as my literature review and methodology progress. 

SRI Dissertation Precis.

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Socioastronomy on webs will be home to my ongoing published works dissertation on the Space Renaissance Initiative.  Here is a precis of the parameters of the research project and a web link to my published literature review on Los Angeles Chronicle, November 2010. 


Stephanie Lynne Thorburn- Online Editor and Founder of


Project Précis.



The focus of my Sociological discourse analytical research is on the strategic thesis of the Space Renaissance Initiative (SRI) - my research is primarily Sociology orientated, although the field of Socio-Astronomy is fundamentally interdisciplinary in scope.



My work engages with key elements of the Space Renaissance Initiative's strategic thesis and discourse in relation to modern environmental political theory. My research highlights the role of the Space Renaissance Initiative in challenging our thinking with respect to human scientific, technological evolution and examines the implications of the SRI's thesis in regard to environmental and socio-cultural developmental issues. In particular, my dissertation addresses questions of rationalisation as posed by the work of social theorist Max Weber. I am developing my dissertation in view of the organisation's forthcoming International Congress in 2011. My discourse analysis examines ethical questions in relation to the research process and utilises primarily qualitative methods.



To date, I have published a component of my literature review in Los Angeles Chronicle, November 2010. The working title of the dissertation is:



‘The Astrosociological Imagination and the Space Renaissance Initiative- A Discourse Analytical Perspective’.


American Chronicle link: -





SRI First International Congress.

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2011 Space Renaissance Initiative 1st International Congress & Astronomers Without Borders.

See below for two events that will be in the Socioastronomy calender for 2011: -


Astronomers Without Borders- April 2011, Global Astronomy month- further details see: -



Space Renaissance Initiative- 1st International Congress, June 2011: -