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 About Me.

I am a freelance writer, researcher and Reiki Master.  I hold and MA in Sociology Qualitative Research from Goldsmiths College, London UK and a combined honours degree in Sociology/ Psychology from City University.  I am currently assimilating a portfolio of published academic work for my PhD.  The focus of this Socio-Astronomy project is a discourse analysis on the strategic thesis and selected philosophical position papers of the Space Renaissance Initiative.  Further details of my dissertation will be added shortly to this site.  


I freelance for a diverse range of press including Los Angeles Chronicle and; my work on PR-Inside has also been featured on sites including USA Today and the Wall Street Journal online (EU sources page 2009).

I write features on a range of subjects, primarily focussed on both media and entertainment and nascent areas of study in the social sciences including Socio-Astronomy, Parapsychology and Environmental Sociology.

I am a Traditional Usui Reiki Master/ teacher and a Zazen (Zen) Master.  

Media Related Journalism: -

Overtime I have contributed considerable content to a selection of official music sites and features/ reviews to journals such as Blues Matters and Record Collector. My online features have been placed on a range of sites including PR-Inside, Low Cut, Webjam and IORR. I edit my own avant-garde publication titles 'Nuance'.

Nuance joined the Unified Direction Council of the Space Renaissance Initiative in 2010 and my Socioastronomy resource page joined the SRI affiliated organisations in Jan 2011.  I have also worked in an organisational role on the Executive Committee of the London Screenwriters' Workshop between 2002-2004.  A selection of my eBooks can be found under my author's profile on Pure Portals.

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